Welcome to the Official Stump Dodger Bash

Stump Dodger Bash is the train to your 4th of July adventure, only in Gays Mills

Check back for the all the fun and excitement waiting for you as we continue to

announce more acts for 2014!


The 2014 Acts Have Been Announced!

 Fri. July 4th

Sat. July 5th


Monty Berger
- 3:00PM


Jordan Anderson
- 2:30PM
(Been No. 1 on
Top 9 at 9)

Jared Blake

Jared Blake
- 5:00PM
(From the Hit TV Show, The Voice)


Erica Nicole
- 4:30PM


Brandon Chase
- 7:30PM

(From the Hit TV Show, The Voice)


Wes Hayden
- 7:00PM

(From the Hit TV Show, The Bachelorette)

Gays Mills Fireworks

- 9:00PM


Eric Paslay
- 9:30PM


Dylan Scott
- 10:00PM

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Stump Dodger Bash Directions

  • If traveling from Dubuque, IA, click here
  • If traveling from LaCrosse, WI, click here
  • If traveling from Madison, WI, click here
  • If traveling from Milwaukee, WI, click here
  • If traveling from the Twin Cities, click here